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BrainShack Productions Ltd. was launched in 2007 by Brian Morgan and Andrew Shackleton.

We are developing and co-producing our self-penned feature films, our mission being to create fine arthouse+ movies that we hope you will like, enjoy and invest in.

BrainShack currently have three self-penned feature film projects in development:

•  Off Ur Face (Black Comedy/Drama)
•  Don Piranha (Neo-noir/Surreal thriller)
•  Essaouira (Psychological Drama)

BrainShack are pleased to be working with Joseph D'Morais (Executive Producer on 2006 Oscar® winner, Tsotsi) as Executive Producer/Consultant on all their projects. Through his company, Blue Dolphin Films, they also have, in principle, sales and distribution.

BrainShack are inviting co-producers and investors to participate in these unique projects.
Brian Morgan started out as a poet and magazine co-editor and continues to write freelance projects outside Brainshack. He also maintains a freelance strand as a project/PR consultant. He has enjoyed a varied and diverse international career in the arts and media. He has worked as a performance artist, notably in a four-year series; "A Shot in The Dark", with key shows at The Lincoln Centre NYC, Espace A'anguy Paris and the last at the Hayward Gallery London. Subsequently he has been a freelance events organiser, art curator (Hayward, Filipino State gallery, NYC), writer, producer, consultant and Internet entrepreneur (CEO CommerceCulture). His consulting assignments have covered books, art events, music, film, consumer brands and fund raising and sponsorship. As a music promoter and PR/News Manager, he worked across the arts/entertainment industries with marginal and established artists (from BowWowWow, William S Burroughs to Hollywood stars), along with government bodies and on corporate campaigns.
Andrew Shackleton has, in the last 8 years, creatively been involved in music, video and photography, carving out a talent and unique style in the arts and music worlds. He has produced video installations and projections, accompanied by his own music, and been involved in a variety of arts projects including live music video projections and music videos. In 2002 he started writing Don Piranha with Brian Morgan, which has led on to making short films, writing further feature film scripts and quickly learning the black art that is film production, leading to the formation of BrainShack Productions in 2007. In his past life he was involved in the technology world, first as a computer programmer building real time systems and then advancing on to building effective corporate communications and content integration projects. He has a wealth of technology knowledge and has successfully managed large complex business projects. He has a unique creative vision coupled with an understanding of the business world, plus a flair for technology and its use in applying it to the arts and media.